This course ended in FY2022.
Sokendai Brain Science Joint Program

About Integrative Brain Science Course

SOKENDAI, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, is a university providing doctoral programs to foster first class researchers based in its affiliate Inter-University Research Institutes (IURIs), pursuing cutting-edge researches.
Furthermore, it plays a vital role in developing new academic disciplines by collaborating with a broad range of scientific fields. To implement this concept, we set up Brain Science Joint Program as a model case of the interdisciplinary education system initiated by Dept. Physiological Sciences and created a new curriculum for Sokendai students to learn extensive fields in Brain Science with the cooperation of other related Departments (Basic Biology, Genetics, Informatics, Statistical Science, Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems).
All lectures are being delivered by remote lecture system, which enables students to attend from the distant departments. We cordially expect your active participation from various backgrounds.

Atsushi Nambu (Department of Physiological Sciences)
Brain Science Program Organizer


In the field of Brain Science, researchers who have basic knowledge of Physiology or Medicine as well as Biology, Engineering, Pharmacy, Information Science, Social Science and such with a broad vision are in great demand. In this program, all lectures are provided by the specialists inside and outside Sokendai from a variety of fields related to Brain Science. Besides, English proficiency is required to understand, discuss, and express these large areas. Thus almost all the lectures are given in English with the Basic Philosophy of Sokendai to nurture talented individuals endowed with an international perspective.


This program consists of not only comprehensive or specialized subjects related to Brain Science but also developing web-based curriculum“Brain Science Step-by-Step ” using Media Wiki to encourage students from various backgrounds without any previous knowledge about Brain Science to attend. Furthermore, we have several new subjects. “Principles and Methodology in Brain Science” is focused on various experimental approaches in Brain Science.


Details of the lectures and practical training can be seen on the page of “Schedule of classes.”Lectures and practical training will be held in respective departments in charge and delivered by Remote lecture system. Besides, the intensive course is scheduled. Sokendai students who join this intensive course will be fully supported for travel and staying expenses.

Application for 2018

If you would like to attend the program, please e-mail to the Program Secretariat with your name, affiliation, and student ID (year), then we will send the updated information. Also, if you click "Apply for lecture" button on the schedule page for each lecture, you will have technical support for operating the remote lecture system at your site. The credits which can be taken by attending this program are shown in the “Curriculums and credits.”If you want to take credits, you have to register them to Sokendai (separately from this application) during the registration period. (Without this registration, your attendance can not be authorized as a credit.)

Course registration

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