This course ended in FY2022.

Course subjects for the academic year 2022

Brain science requires a wide range of knowledge and view not only on physiology, but also on biology, technology, pharmacology, information science and social science. This course will provide lectures and practices for the purpose of integrating multidisciplinary approaches and developing a new research field.
All the lectures will be broadcasted through our remote lecture delivery system.
Subjects for the academic year 2022 is as follows:
Subject Code Credit Semester Subject in the Course Remarks
20DPH036 1 1st System Neuroscience II Dept. of Physiological Sciences
20DPH032 1 2nd Regulation of Biological Funcetion II Dept. of Physiological Sciences
20DPH025~27 1 All year Special Lectures in Physiological Science Dept. of Physiological Sciences: "Special Lectures in Physiological Sciences I/II/III"
10SLS007 1 1st Principle and Methodology in Brain Science Language: English
10SLS013 1 2nd Introductory statistics for brain science Language: English
20DPH037 1 1st 2nd Brain science step by step II E-Learning
20DPH038 1 1st Basic physiological and anatomical brain science Language: English
20DPH039 1 2nd Basic information brain science Only those who have registered and participated in "Basic physiological and anatomical brain science" are eligible for attending this class.

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