Brain science in biology:2010

This year, lectures in Brain science in biology, Brain science in genetics, and Mathematical analyses of brain science are combined with those in Brain science topics, and you can take 1 cedit for Brain science topics if you submit “registration for courses” in a set period. Please refer to links below for the schedules of these subjects.

2010.09.14. 11:00〜12:00

Subject:「Molecular mechanism for the formation of retinotectal projection」
Lecturer:Takafumi Shintani (NIBB)

2010.10.05. 11:00〜12:00

Subject:「Psychobiology ~ Brain and Behavior ~ 」
Lecturer:Eiji Watanabe (NIBB)

2010.10.12. 10:00〜11:00

Subject:「Brain function for the body-fluid homeostasis (Cancelled)」
Lecturer:Masaharu Noda (NIBB)

2010.12.03. 13:15〜16:30

Subject:「Imaging methods in cell biology IN JAPANESE」
Lecturer:Shigenori Nonaka (NIBB)