Program subjects for the academic year 2018

Subjects of SBSJP for the academic year 2018 is as follows:

Subject Code Credit Semester Subject in the program Remarks
20PBS003 1

1st 2nd

System brain science Dept. of Physiological Sciences: "Neuronal Regulation of tabolism" (1st), "Neural Mechanism of Cognition and Motor Control" (2nd)
10SLS006 1 All year Brain Science Topics Dept. of Physiological Sciences: "Special Lectures in Physiological Sciences I/II/III"
10SLS007 1 1st Principle and Methodology in Brain Science Language: English
10SLS013 1 2nd Introductory statistics for life science Language: English
10PBS003 1 1st 2nd Brain science step by step II E-Learning
10PBS004 1 1st Basic physiological and anatomical brain science  
10PBS005 1 2nd Basic information brain science Only those who have registered and participated in "Basic physiological and anatomical brain science" are eligible for attending this class.

If you want to take credits, you have to register them to Sokendai during the registration period. For the details of the class, please refer "schedule of the class". # Regarding general information on the registration, please refer Sokendai "Students Guide" and SOKENDAI web site