[Course announcement ] Basic physiological and anatomical brain science

We are pleased to inform you that we will be offering two subjects, "Basic physiological and anatomical brain science" (first semester) and "Basic programming for neuroscience" (second semester).
We strongly recommend that you take these two subjects as a full-year course.

Only those who have registered and participated in "Basic physiological and anatomical brain science" are eligible for attending "Basic information brain science".

The objective of the course held in the first semester is to acquire basic knowledge of Brain Science. Along with the textbook (Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain (4th ed.) Bear, Connors &Paradiso.), students can learn the elements of neuroscience exhaustively, and get an opportunity to visit laboratories in NIPS to see actual experiments related to the lectures. For more details, please refer syllabus

Schedule: April 26 - on Wednsdays 10:00-11:30
・Papers to read in Journal Club (Lecture 4 and 8) will be distrebuted in Lecture 1 and Lecture 4.
・Registered students who join Lab Tour (Lecture 9 and 10) from other than Okazaki area would be supported for travel expenses under the SOKENDAI regulations.

If you would like to attend only one lecture, then, click the apply button from "Schedule of the classes"
"Course registration" and "Application form for payment of travel expense for SOKENDAI activity" are obligations to receive the supports.