◆◆◆Interview with an alumna◆◆◆

This is an Interview with an alumna who completed the course of Brains Science Joint Program.

Department: Physiological Sciences
Completed: The first semester, 2013

1. Why did you decided to take the certificate?
Later on by having the certificate of brain science join program it will be helpful for me in finding some position in neuroscience field.

2. How the Brain Science Program contributed to your research in NIPS?
It helped me in understanding neuroscience field in better way especially in calcium signaling and synapse communication.

3. Is there anything you suggest to the SOKENDAI students who are thinking of taking the Brain Science Program?
This program offers a lot of interesting topics, we can choose which program that can help us in our research so that it will give impactful effect.  Try to make several question regarding our research before the lecture will also help us get better understanding and helpful advice from the lecturer.